Naveen Vijay

I like the user experience improvements AWS has taken to AWS Management Console better. In fact, I was really very excited to see how AWS would plan to accommodate 100+ services and features on the front page of the AWS management console. Check this Reddit post.

IAM especially had a ton of UI updates & features in the recent months and in my humble opinion the new era began when IAM Managed Policies was introduced; it started with just 2 policies to be attached later on it was increased to 10, which is a decent number.

I was amazed when I first saw the new UI when I had the opportunity to do the Usability Testing, the neatly designed fluidic navigation for trusted entities is the highlight.

My wishlist here is the ability to choose multiple trusted entities instead of limiting to just one. Situation like SSM and Run Command automation, using the same role for Lambda and Step Functions involve using the same IAM role for multiple services.

UI Screenshot

It is certainly not impossible to work around this, you would just go edit the trusted relationship JSON by making the Service - an array under the principle.

IAM policy trusted entity service array

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